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Multi-layered fraud prevention for secure payments

In-store. Online. In-app. Mobile “tap n’ pay.” Customers have more ways to pay than ever before, and businesses can now do business in more places, 24/7. Across every point of commerce, Discover® Global Network is there to help keep your transactions secure with a suite of products and management tools to fit your needs.

Discover Online Fraud Solutions: The Power of the Layered Approach

To help protect Discover® Card transactions from online fraud, Discover offers three easy-to-deploy solutions designed to be used in a layered approach—spanning from pre-authorization to post-fulfillment. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these three powerful solutions.

Fraud prevention for online transactions

A comprehensive approach to reducing fraud online—from purchase to fulfillment.

Validate Customer’s Identity to Reduce Loss with ProtectBuy

ProtectBuy® is our Three Domain Secure (3DS) customer authentication solution that validates consumer identity at time of purchase and provides a real-time required action for high-risk transactions.

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Use Fraud Alerts to Stop Fraudulent Activity at the Start

Get notified of fraudulent activity as soon as possible to stop order fulfillment, cancel shipments and reduce loss.

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Confidently Approve Discover Card Transactions with Verify+

Validate customer information directly against Discover Cardholder data to quickly pinpoint high-risk transactions and make more informed transaction approvals.

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Protect Debit Transactions with Internet PIN Debit

Internet PIN Debit reduces chargebacks and fraud through online PIN entry and scrambling using PaySecure® technology from Acculynk. When cardholders enter their debit PIN to pay for purchases online, a graphical PIN pad appears. The numbers re-scramble each time a new digit is entered and no PIN information is ever stored.

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In-store protection

Chip Card Solutions for Secure Checkout

Chip technology offers more security compared to swipe and sign cards. Reduce fraud and address the Fraud Liability Shift by enabling your terminal to accept D-PAS, our chip technology that supports chip card and contactless payments.

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Mobile security

An additional layer of protection for mobile transactions

Discover® Tokenization sends sensitive PAN data to a more secure location where it is authorized by issuers and acquirers. It is then replaced with a unique token number for each transaction, making it meaningless to anyone unauthorized to access it.

Digital Payments


Fraud management tools for issuers and acquirers

Get Real-Time Incident Information with Status Updates

Discover Account Incident Manager (AIM) is a web portal that provides a single point of access to real-time incident information. AIM provides up-to-date details and activity for each case and proactively alerts users as each case changes.

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Validate Merchant Authenticity and Compliance

Discover Merchant Control is a merchant validation tool that provides early notification of fraudulent and non-compliant merchants. Acquirers can make informed decisions about the merchants they choose to partner with.

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