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Enabling the secure shift to digital payments

Ensure customer payment information is protected and supported in an evolving digital payments ecosystem with Discover® Tokenization.

How tokenization works

Tokenization replaces a customer’s primary account number (PAN) with a unique replacement code, called a token. Because the token is used instead of the PAN, the customers information is protected throughout the transaction. 

Tokenization helps secure digital payments—whether they’re made in-store at point-of-sale or virtually.

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Products that offer security and convenience with tokens

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Card-on-File (COF) Stored Payment Tokens

Securely offer the convenience of recurring billing and easy online payments. Stored payment tokens exchange stored primary account numbers, or cards-on-file, with merchant-specific payment tokens.

Key features of our stored payment tokens

Streamlines customer experience

Cardholder information updates automatically when their account changes, which reduces customer purchase disruptions.

Enhances other third-party token services

Additional benefits of payment tokens can be implemented without changes to current third-party token services.

Increased security

Payment tokens limit data breach exposure since they cannot be used outside of the specific merchant's environment.

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One-click checkout

Provide greater shopping convenience. Secure Remote Commerce enables a simple, streamlined and secure online checkout option.

Learn about Secure Remote Commerce

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Tap & pay

Enable payments via Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, Samsung Pay®, Garmin PayTM* or issuers can add their cards to digital wallets and more.

Learn about contactless payments

* Mobile wallet acceptance varies by market.

Explore stored token and wallet service APIs

Continue to enhance your customer experience. Learn about Discover APIs for stored payment tokens and digital wallet services for different operating systems.

Explore Dev Center

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Simplify tokenization services with Discover® Digital Exchange (DDX)

For issuers, provisioning and managing tokens in an evolving environment can be complex, especially across a range of digital wallets, apps and e-commerce websites. Discover Digital Exchange offers issuers a single connection to digital payment security and multiple wallets.

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