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Keep digital transactions secure

No matter how your customers choose to pay, our suite of products can help you mitigate evolving security risks without negatively impacting their experience.

Reduce fraud with customer authentication

Proactively reduce fraud risks at key points of the transaction. Authentication solutions such as ProtectBuy® offer seamless customer validation for high-risk transactions to avoid cart abandonment and provide a non-disruptive customer experience.

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Get an additional layer of security with tokenization

Discover® Tokenization offers greater protection for transactions online, in-app and via digital wallets. Tokenization replaces the customer’s primary account number (PAN) with a unique token at the time of transaction. This limits exposure of sensitive data.

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Tap into the latest payments topics

Security-based solutions and resources

PCI Compliance

Find the information and resources you need to help maintain PCI compliance.

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Fraud Management: Issuers & Acquirers

Limit fraud with proactive updates, monitoring and compliance solutions.

Learn about fraud management tools
Fraud Prevention Practices

Get tips on how to identify and prevent fraud and access additional security resources.

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