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Discover® Commerce Xchange

Enable solutions to enhance customer experience

Access the clean data and insights you need to create a more convenient customer experience with Discover® Commerce Xchange (DCX).

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Access the clean data and insights you need to create a more convenient customer experience with Discover® Commerce Xchange (DCX).

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What is DCX?

DCX is a scalable data and commerce services platform that offers a 360-degree view of clean, enhanced merchant information—down to the transaction level.

This data can then be used to create and ensure better customer experiences.

Access better data with DCX

Accurate, detailed business data

Leveraging our closed-loop network, we’re able to provide sophisticated analytics for specific store locations—ensuring optimal customer targeting.

Business profile

Detects POS capabilities at a specific business location, including pre-authorization, partial authorization and contactless payment capabilities.

Business brand hierarchy

Links individual brands to their parent company to help better understand their corporate structure.

Verified business location details

Obtain useful business information such as location, name, contact information, website and hours of operation.

Build better experiences with more meaningful business data

DCX delivers value-added services to improve the cardholder experience.

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Build custom programs

Enable Restricted Authorization Networks to create custom inclusion lists of business profiles that include brand, location and Merchant Identification Numbers.

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Enhance digital experiences

Access business-level information that can help you identify opportunities to enhance payments for your customers and differentiate you in the marketplace.

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Take advantage of location services

Obtain geolocation data that can be used to display business locations on maps, websites and mobile apps.

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Improve your marketing

Use geocode data to push offers, drive marketing messages and improve communications to customers.

Delivering value to customers with targeted offers

  • DCX uses geocode data to push offers and display business locations
  • Customer receives offers and locations on their digital devices
  • Customer visits the physical retail location and completes transaction
  • DCX enables transaction linking for improved ROI tracking
  • Additional tailored offers sent to customer based on purchase behavior
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Find out what’s working with attribution

Track marketing ROI by attributing online promotions to offline sales using sophisticated store analytics, optimal customer targeting and transaction linking. Then easily share results with clear, robust reporting.

Co-creation opportunities

Our experts are here to collaborate and ensure that our enriched data delivers the insights you need. Find out more about how we can power your innovation.

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Reach out and learn more about what our DCX platform can do for your business.

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