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Intelligent B2B payments for your unique business

Whether you’re a small business looking to manage daily expenses, or a large corporation interested in streamlining your payables processes, we have solutions to fit your business.

Partnership and solutions focused on your needs

More efficient payments can lead to more efficient business. That’s why we partner with you to create solutions that work for your teams and improve your processes.

We’re here to help you:

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Create customized solutions to meet your needs

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Streamline, automate and integrate payments into your existing processes

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Enhance the efficiency of your payment processes and procedures

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Access innovations that support your success and your customers

Explore a range of B2B payments products

Our solutions are available to businesses and corporations in the U.S.

AribaPay is also available in Canada.

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ACH payments

Electronic payments can add ease, speed and cost-savings to your payments process. Our ACH solution streamlines payments settlement and provides:

  • End-to-end visibility
  • Access to rich remittance data
  • Error-free processing and automated reconciliation
  • Minimized risk
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Virtual card number

Bring greater security to your electronic payments with our virtual card number solution. By using a digital, one-time-use card number you can deliver quicker supplier payments and these additional benefits:

  • Reduced risk of fraud with spend controls
  • Flexibility to use with prepaid, prefunded and credit card
  • Ability to add rebating offers 
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Check production services

Even today, checks remain an important part of business. Our check production services offer you convenience, efficiency and minimized risk of counterfeit check production.

  • Simplified payables management 
  • Use for recurring or one-off payments 
  • One-stop solution for paying suppliers of all sizes


Powered by SAP and Discover® Global Network, AribaPay is a cloud-based solution that helps corporations improve payables efficiency. AribaPay facilitates transparent, timely communications between buyers and suppliers for seamless payments. 

  • Track and trace payments easily 
  • Access real-time remittance detail
  • Automate and simplify processes 
  • Get built-in security with safeguards 

AribaPay improves your payments process

Real-time access to remittance detail

Access comprehensive remittance detail and spend less time on reconciliation, even for exceptions or multiple invoices.

Track-and-trace functionality

Monitor payment status as easily as tracking a package with AribaPay track-and-trace functionality.

Greater simplicity

Maintain all payment-level details in one convenient place—saving time by eliminating manual data entry.

Built-in safeguards

Help safeguard proprietary and confidential information with built-in technical controls and processes.

Increased certainty

Gain from comprehensive, line-level remittance data, as well as real-time payment status follow-ups.

Improved visibility

Increase visibility between you and your buyer by offering access to real-time payment status and updates.

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