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D-PAS Connect facilitates more secure chip-based contact and contactless payments, just like earlier versions of the specification. Plus, it offers new features and enhancements that allow customers to pay and do more with a single device, such as a card, mobile phone or wearable.

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Offer enhanced convenience and more secure
payments in more places

D-PAS Connect incorporates the latest security standards and supports the latest payment functionality with features that enrich the customer experience and more. Examples of these opportunities include:

Win over customers with opportunities to
build personalized experiences

Loyalty rewards

Loyalty programs

Let customers earn, redeem and track rewards using a single card or digital wallet of choice.

Cardholder with a custom offer

Custom offers

Send more targeted offers based on consumers' buying habits.

Mobile device with a receipt displayed on the screen


Make it easy for customers to save and organize their electronic receipts.

Guard payment credentials with enhanced security

Updated data encryption

D-PAS Connect supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and provides the option to use it.

Secure card technology

The update also offers the option to issue passcode- and biometric-enabled cards.

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