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Big data has long promised retailers and businesses access to insights that could be used to improve the ways they reach customers and build loyalty. We help close that gap with our Discover® Commerce Xchange (DCX) solution.

Information about merchants can mean enhanced customer experiences

Traditionally, merchant data wasn’t accurate enough to support omnichannel marketing. Leveraging our closed-loop network, we’re able to provide sophisticated analytics for specific store locations – ensuring optimal customer targeting.

Key capabilities include:

Verified Merchant Location Details

  • Provides information like merchant location and name, contact information, website, and hours of operation.

Merchant Brand Hierarchy

  • Links merchants to master brand affiliation and identifies corporate structure.

Merchant Profile

  • Detects POS capabilities at a specific merchant location, including pre-authorization, partial authorization and digital wallet acceptance.

How DCX can optimize

Working with merchants and advertisers, we provide insights that allow our merchants to effectively reach customers, achieve attribution, and locate based on spend.


DCX uses geocode data to push offers and display business locations


Consumer receives offers and locations on their digital devices


Consumer visits the physical retail location and completes transaction


DCX enables transaction linking for improved ROI tracking


Additional tailored offers sent to consumer based on purchase behavior

Key solution benefits

DCX was designed to help businesses gain visibility into what’s working, so you can better optimize your efforts and help drive loyalty.

Improve Marketing Campaigns

DCX facilitates the execution of impactful offers leveraging accurate store data.

Gain Visibility Into Sales Attribution

Easily demonstrate and track marketing ROI by attributing online promotions to offline sales.

Ability to Support Card Programs

Supports the creation of customized restricted access networks for various cards.

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