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What is D-PAS?

Every payments network has a specification for enabling chip card and contactless payment acceptance – ours is D-PAS (D-Payment Application Specification).

The latest evolution of D-PAS is D-PAS Connect, providing current D-PAS features along with enhanced functionality.

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D-PAS enables acceptance on mobile payments, debit and credit cards and wearable devices

D-PAS enables acceptance of a variety of payment methods.

Why you should partner with our network

A partnership with us offers your business more choices and flexibility.

Wider acceptance

Chip card acceptance showing card with chip

Chip card acceptance

  • Provides security against fraud
  • Helps to minimize acceptance gaps
Contactless acceptance on a wearable device

Contactless payment acceptance

  • Delivers a fast and more secure checkout
  • Enables you to accept Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Allows you to accept contactless cards, wearables and more
Globe showing global network acceptance

Global network acceptance

  • Potentially capture more global spend
  • Accept leading payment brands like JCB and UnionPay
  • Potentially grow acceptance as we add new cards

Chip-enabled debit card routing

Debit routing flexibility

U.S. Common Debit AID gives businesses and acquirers choice around where to route chip-enabled debit transactions.

  • Offers potential to save on transaction fees
  • May provide support for features like cash-back transactions
Chip-enabled debit card routing

We can help make D-PAS certification easy for you

We're here to make the certification process go as smoothly as possible by offering:

  • Flexible certification options
  • Streamlined implementation
  • Comprehensive testing and certification tools
  • A dedicated team to help

Visit Our Resource Center for helpful training tools and signage

Mobile payment app interacting with POS

Contactless Payments & Chip Cards

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Employee training video on chip technology

Employee Training Materials

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In-store signage table tent contactless device is welcome

In-Store Signage

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Your acquirer or payments processor should be your first stop for information about enabling contactless payments and chip cards. However, we're always here to offer our network's perspective.

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