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Protection only Discover Global Network can provide

As technology advances, card-not-present fraud does too, becoming more sophisticated and appearing legitimate more often. Verify+ allows you to validate data directly against Discover cardholder information at the time of the transaction for greater peace of mind.

How Verify+ works during a transaction

Verify+ provides the information you need to identify high-risk transactions before fulfillment. You will increase card-not-present fraud protection while still providing a seamless, non-disruptive customer experience.


Enter customer information into Verify+


Receive a “Correct” or “Incorrect” validation on Customer name, billing address, email, and phone number


Use Verify+ results to Approve or Decline transactions

Benefits of getting the right information, right away

Make More Informed Decisions

Validate customer information directly with Discover Card.

Maintain Control

Have total control of your transaction decisions.

Web-Based Usage or API Integration

Choose between Standard Verify+, which is a web-based interface or Premium, which uses an API connection.

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