Reduce fraud loss with cardholder validation at time of transaction


Accept online transactions with greater confidence

With chip cards helping to make in-store transactions more secure, the e-commerce environment may become more of a target for criminals. ProtectBuy® can help mitigate card-not-present fraud risk and reduce chargebacks by verifying the customer’s identity at the time of transaction.

How ProtectBuy works during a purchase

Three Domain Secure (3DS) Authentication

ProtectBuy is our Three Domain Secure (3DS) customer authentication solution. At the time of transaction, 3DS creates a secure pipeline across the three parties, which validate a consumer’s identity.


Real-Time Response for High-Risk Transactions

If a transaction is flagged as high risk, a one-time-use password is sent to the cardholder in near real time—helping ensure the sale is not fraudulent and helping avoid shopping cart abandonment.

Benefits of an additional layer of security during a transaction

Helps Reduce Fraud Online

Verifies transactions with risk-based analytics to help stop fraud before it happens.

Provides Peace of Mind

Confirms the cardholder’s identity to help mitigate fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Gain Business Insights

Issuers gain greater visibility into cardholder activity to help spot consumer trends.

More Secure, Seamless Checkout

Only prompts cardholders when there is a likelihood of fraud, and may reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Next steps to improve your e-commerce security

If you have questions about our ProtectBuy product, visit our FAQs.

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