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Be alerted with notifications of customer confirmed fraud

As technology advances, card-not-present fraud does too, becoming more sophisticated and appearing legitimate more often. Fraud Alerts deliver an earlier warning of fraudulent transactions—because the sooner you know, the sooner you can take action.

How it works

Get fraudulent transaction details quickly, making it easier to stop order fulfillment, cancel shipments, and return purchases from shippers.


Cardholder or issuer notifies Discover of fraudulent transaction


Merchants receive an immediate email notification


Merchants log in for transaction details and take action

Respond quickly to reduce fraud costs

If you ever receive a Fraud Alerts email notification, just log in to Fraud Alerts.
From there, you can:

Access Critical Data

Get the details of the Discover transactions that have been identified as fraudulent.

Take Corrective Action

Use fraudulent transaction details to stop order fulfillment, cancel shipments, and return purchases from shippers.

Help Minimize Loss from Future Fraud

Strengthen negative files and help identify patterns of fraud to prevent losses in the future.

Enhance your capabilities with Fraud Alerts Premium

Our API solution provides near real-time notification, seamless integration, and customized reporting.

Enrollment is easy

It’s free to start the application process for Fraud Alerts Standard, or opt for our premium API solution to gain additional functionality.
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