PCI Compliance

Ensure the safety of customer data through PCI compliance

To report a data compromise or breach:

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The Importance of PCI Compliance

Maintaining the security of your transaction data is of the utmost importance. That’s why all merchants, acquirers, resellers and service providers that process, store or transmit cardholder data on the Discover® network are required to be PCI-compliant.

Merchants that accept Discover® Global Network:

  • Must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) at all times.
  • May be required to validate and report compliance directly to Discover® or to your third-party acquirer.

Acquirers that process Discover transactions:

  • Must report their annual compliance status, as a service provider, if you store, process, or transmit Discover Cardholder data on the Discover network.
  • Must administer the DISC program and help secure the payment card transaction process.

Discover Information Security & Compliance (DISC) Program

The Discover Information Security & Compliance (DISC) program helps you promote compliance and meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards, which helps safeguard cardholder data and limit data compromises.
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PCI Compliance Resources

Explore a wide range of resources to help merchants, acquirers and service providers maintain PCI compliance.

Acquirer Compliance

Familiarize yourself with the compliance process and reporting requirements.

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Identify Your Merchant Level

Identify your merchant level, so you can determine your compliance validation and reporting requirements.

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Providing Compliance Documents

Learn how to submit your PCI compliance documentation to Discover via hardcopy or electronically.

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Card Production Vendor Compliance

Understand the compliance process and reporting requirements.

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Validation & Reporting Requirements

Find out your unique validation and reporting requirements based on your merchant level.

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Service Provider Compliance

Determine your service provider level, as well as your validation and reporting requirements.

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PCI DSS Compliance Assessment

Perform a PCI DSS compliance assessment after determining your merchant or service provider level.

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Tools to Assist with Assessments

Access tools and resources for first-time and experienced users to assist you while performing your PCI DSS assessment.

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PCI Compliance Education and Training

Browse our educational and training materials to help you understand the compliance assessment process and your role in it.

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To report a data compromise or cardholder breach, call 1-800-347-3083. Or contact us for any compliance-related questions.
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