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Fraud prevention features

Chip Cards

Across the world, we've been implementing D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS)—our smart-card solution for contact and contactless payments.

Card Identification Data (CID)

The three-digit CID provides an additional layer of security. It ensures the cardholder possesses the card at the time of purchase.

Address Verification Services (AVS)

To limit the risk of fraud on card-not-present transactions, we require any merchants to capture the cardholder's address for verification.

Address Change Notification (ACN)

Merchants requesting an AVS are also sent an ACN, which indicates whether the cardholder billing address has changed in the last 45 days.

Card Verficiation Value (CVV)

A unique value is encoded on the magnetic stripe of the card; the issuer provides it as protection against counterfeit cards.

Code 10: Suspicious Situations

If you suspect fraud during a card-present transaction, phone in a Code 10 authorization request to alert the issuer and protect the cardholder.

100% Authorization Requirement

To minimize the risk of fraud and protect profits, we require authorization on all card-present and card-not-present transactions.

Stand-In Functionality

If systems are down, we help participating issuers provide authorizations for their merchants.

Security training & resources

Fraud Prevention Seminars

Discover® sponsors a number of seminars and lectures on fraud prevention and protection. To learn more, call 1-800-347-6634.

Fraud Prevention Associations

We’re members of several anti-fraud associations, including the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators and The Fraud Reduction Committee.

Fraud Prevention Best Practices

We’ve outlined best practices for detecting and dealing with fraud during card-present and card-not-present transactions. Learn More

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