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Deliver the world to your cardholders with less investment

You’ve built your brand domestically. Now with our Global Card Program, you don’t have to lose revenue when your cardholders travel abroad. We’ll help you develop a card product that can attract new cardholders and offer them worldwide acceptance in 200 countries and territories. And as part of our international network, this is all done without you having to invest in infrastructure or compromise your brand.

Key benefits

Build Your Brand

License proven, Contact and Contactless EMV® and Mobile technology.

Build Your Network

Leverage our global payment networks in 200 countries and territories.

Build A Trusted Relationship

Receive strategic support on training, on-boarding and product roadmaps.

Price Optimization

Domestic transactions are governed by your rules. No fees levied on domestic transactions.

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Fraud prevention solutions

Chip Card Enablement

Continue to offer your cardholders the global security standard for secure in-store transactions leveraging D-PAS, our EMV complaint, smart-card payment solution for both contact and contactless payments.


This web-based tool monitors and alerts issuers to spikes in normal transaction activity based on custom-set variables and thresholds. Once alerted, issuers can further investigate the issue and escalate if needed, potentially even as the fraud event is occurring.


Our ProtectBuy product validates the customer’s identity at time of transaction and provides a near real-time actionable response to high-risk transactions to help reduce total fraud among cardholder base and decrease dispute-handling costs.

Internet PIN Debit

Internet PIN Debit reduces chargebacks and fraud through online PIN entry and scrambling using PaySecure® technology from Acculynk. When cardholders enter their debit PIN to pay for purchases online, a graphical PIN pad appears. The numbers re-scramble each time a new digit is entered and no PIN information is stored.

Cardholder features and tools

Global Acceptance Map

Cater to traveling cardholders and showcase acceptance levels by country with our interactive map.
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Travel Guides by City

Encourage cross-border spend with guides that highlight Travel & Entertainment businesses in popular tourist destinations.

Airport Lounges — Premium

As a part of our Premium Global Card program, airport lounge service is available in over 1000 airports around the world. Travelers can escape busy airport terminals and get work done or just unwind before their flight.

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