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This tap and ride technology offers a fast, more secure and convenient open loop payments solution that allows riders to pay their fare through a variety of devices.

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Transit in action

EMV Contactless Symbol Icon
Step 1

Riders notice the EMV Contactless symbol on display at the transit entrance or vending machine.

Types of EMV Contactless Payments Icons
Step 2

Then with a simple tap, they can safely and securely purchase a ride with their preferred form of contactless payment.

Train Icon
Step 3

After a successful tap, the rider is on their way.

Keep it simple. Keep it moving.

We work to make sure you and your customers stay on track.

Ease of use

Let riders pay using whatever payment device they want.

Added flexibility

We offer capabilities that fit a variety of fare models.

Potential revenue growth

Open yourself up to millions of domestic and global cardholders.


Our solution makes implementing future technology a breeze.

Why Mobility Matters

1Source: 2019 Public Transportation Fact Book. American Public Transpiration Association. April 2019.
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