The Discover Global Card program leverages the power of the Discover Global Network – allowing Partners to quickly gain worldwide access without large scale investment. Unlike other approaches, this is all done under the halo of your brand, which helps your stay top of mind to cardholders.


Global Card Overview

Product Features


  • Global T/E and ATM acceptance
  • Debit, credit, prepaid and emerging payments
  • Online acceptance

Superior economics

  • Competitive interchange
  • Low network fees
  • Minimum assessments on domestic transactions

Build Brand

  • Best practices sharing with leading U.S. issuer
  • Exclusive marketing programs
  • Maintain control over domestic marketing and brand

Simplicity, Flexibility

  • Straightforward billing
  • Product and branding flexibility
  • Streamined operating procedures

existing network partnerships

1. Retail Banking and Research, August 2014