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A signature program that matches your commitment

Discover® Debit is the first debit card brand designed for community financial institutions—just like yours. Gain the freedom to issue cards without the high costs and restrictions imposed by legacy brands. Backed by PULSE®, our signature debit program empowers you to be more profitable. And our approach to personalized care makes switching easy, so you can focus on what’s most important—your cardholders.

Enjoy the benefits of partnership

Greater Profitability

Our highly competitive interchange rates and transparent, minimal fee structure increase your profitability throughout the life of your program.


Unlike some legacy providers, we don’t continually add fees and bury charges in confusing bills. Our straightforward fee structure will help you reconcile your bill in minutes—not hours.


We keep our signature debit program at the forefront of debit security. Today, that means implementing chip card technology, real-time fraud detection, and cardholder verification.

Dedicated Support

To ensuring a smooth implementation process and high cardholder satisfaction, we provide personal, end-to-end support that’s responsive to your specific needs.

ABA Endorsement

Endorsed by the American Bankers Association

The ABA, through its subsidiary the Corporation for American Banking, named Discover Debit as its debit card brand of choice.

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Create an agile, successful program

We give you the flexibility to customize your debit program, so you can maximize efficiency. Plus, you’ll have the capabilities and expertise to make it both profitable and popular among cardholders.

Business and Consumer Programs

Your unique debit program can be designed for business purposes, consumer needs—or both.

Flexible Branding

Enhance cardholders’ loyalty by offering a debit program that puts your brand front and center.

Enable Mobile Payments

Give cardholders the ability to make secure mobile payments with the help of Discover® Digital Exchange.

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What’s in it for your Cardholders

Discover Debit provides valuable benefits to your consumer and business programs, at no cost to you. Every program provides marketing materials and support to help you communicate these benefits to your cardholders.

Zero Liability

Protects cardholder against unauthorized use of their debit card provided that the card has been handled responsibly, more than two unauthorized events have not been reported in the last 12 months, and the cardholder has not benefited from its unauthorized use.

Card and Document Registration Services

Enable your cardholders to protect their debit cards in the event they are lost or stolen. There is no limit on the number of cards that can be registered to receive these benefits:

  • Travel assurance services
  • Lost/stolen reporting
  • Document registration
  • Personal property registration
  • Address change

Identity Theft Defense

Have access to specialists that can assist your customers should they be a victim of identity theft.

Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee

Reimburse the cost difference between the original purchase price of a covered item purchased in full with an eligible debit card and any subsequent lower price when eligible purchases are found at a store for less. Coverage applies when the identical item is found at a lower price, at any store, within 60 days of the original purchase price.

DebitProtect® Fraud Mitigation Services

To be effective, today’s fraud mitigation tools must be able to analyze apparently unrelated fraud events from multiple locations and use the data to detect and mitigate fraud in real time. All Discover Debit issuers benefit from access to DebitProtect’s standard service.
To help you meet the challenge of today’s debit card fraud, DebitProtect delivers a comprehensive, responsive and flexible solution. We offer mitigation tools and optional services for targeted custom rule development and new real-time authorization blocking. The result is a multi-layered approach that delivers:
  • Power and speed to detect fraudulent patterns other systems might miss
  • Customizable mitigation systems that allow issuers to minimize loss
  • Targeted fraud blocking that minimizes impact to cardholders

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