Card Security

All Discover Global Network cards have security features for merchants to check during a transaction. We have compiled these security features in a convenient brochure so you will know what to look for and prevent fraudulent activity. Every day, Discover Global Network is working diligently to help prevent fraud. But you are still a first line of defense. In fact, you have a significant role in making sure these security features work.


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Chip and Signature Cards

Across all regions of the world, Discover® Global Network has been implementing D-Payment Application Specification (D-PAS). D-PAS is our EMV compliant smart-card payment solution for both contact and contactless payments.

Several millions of Discover Global Network chip cards have been issued globally. Discover Global Network, the third largest network1, will issue chip and signature cards vs. chip and PIN. Outside of the U.S. many issuers on the Discover Global Network issue chip and PIN cards. To accept these cards, ensure your terminal is enabled to process D-PAS to capture your share of 70m+ cardholders spend2.

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