Explore below to see just some of the places you can use your card throughout Canada.

Use your card wherever you go. Some places may not display which brands they accept, so always present your card when paying.

        Welcomed at Canada's
        Favorite stay

        Welcomed Beyond Canada

        Accepted at millions more merchants across the globe. Enjoy using your card across Canada and beyond.

        3rd largest payment network
        35 million merchants in 15 countries

        1 Retail Banking and Research, August 2014

        Don't Forget

        Virtually every international airline accepts all cards on the Discover Global Network. Why not use your card to book a flight for your next adventure?

        NEED CASH?

        Your card is also welcomed at over 46,000 ATMs in Canada and over a million around the world.

        Withdraw cash at ATMs that display the Discover, Diners Club or Interac logos.