Now, more than ever, Discover® Global Network is committed to the world-class service levels that our employees, customers, business partners and communities around the world expect from us.

Discover® recognizes that it is more critical than ever for businesses and customers to be able to leverage our infrastructure to complete transactions for goods and services. We are committed to maintaining the service levels you expect from us and we have implemented effective business continuity measures to ensure no disruption to our service amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have prioritized the safety of our employees, customers, business partners and communities.

For our employees

  • The majority of our employees are working remotely.

  • We are implementing social distancing guidance and enhanced cleaning measures for those few onsite staff that remain in our facilities (Technology, Security, Facilities, etc.).

  • Company-wide, Discover has cancelled non-essential meetings and restricted non-essential travel until further notice.

For our customers and
business partners

  • We continue to test critical systems and are working with our vendors to ensure continued resiliency.

  • As a leader in customer service, Discover is 100% operationally ready to support all of our clients during this unsettling time. We recognize that many organizations are facing operational and economic challenges. We continue to actively monitor the situation to determine any new actions that may be needed. And, as always we encourage any of our clients and customers to contact us directly if they have specific needs or concerns.

And for our community

  • We are also providing support through donations to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Rapid Relief Fund, to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund run through the United Nations, and to various other food banks and small business support funds.

We realize that you and your colleagues are likely making similar shifts to the way you work and are enacting your own business continuity plans, as are many organizations around the world. We will continue to monitor developments and take any actions necessary to provide the same level of quality and service you always expect from us while ensuring the safety of our employees, our partners their families and communities.

Together, we will get through this challenging time and will emerge stronger because of it.

Additional Resources

Additional information is available from the resources listed below.

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