1. What is Discover Global Network?

    Discover Global Network is the third largest payments network in the world1 with more than 30MM merchant acceptance locations and 1 million ATM and cash access locations across 185 countries and territories. The Discover Global Network brings together Discover Card from the U.S, Diners Club International, BC Global Card from South Korea, DinaCard from Serbia and Rupay from India– bringing you billions in spend volume from international travelers and affluent Cardholders around the globe.


  2. Who is Diners Club International, Ltd.?

    Diners Club International is owned by Discover Financial Services and proudly a part of DGN (NYSE: DFS), a direct banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S. financial services. Established in 1950, Diners Club International became the first multi-purpose charge card in the world, launching a financial revolution in how consumers and companies pay for products and services. Today, Diners Club is a globally recognized brand serving the payment needs of affluent consumers and corporations.

  3. Who is Discover Financial Services?

    Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) is a direct banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S. financial services. Since its inception in 1986, the company has become one of the largest card issuers in the United States. The company issues the Discover card, America’s cash rewards pioneer, and offers home loans, private student loans, personal loans, home equity loans, checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit and money market accounts through its direct banking business. It operates the Discover Network, with millions of merchant and cash access locations; PULSE, one of the nation’s leading ATM/debit networks; and Diners Club International, a global payments network with acceptance in more than 185 countries and territories.

  4. What is the relationship between Diners Club International, Ltd. and the Discover Global Network?

    Discover Global Network brings together Discover Card from the U.S, Diners Club International, and a select group of Alliance Partners thereby increasing merchants’ payment options from key international markets.

  5. Why is my agreement with diners club international (if i am accepting the discover global network)?

    In most cases, Diners Club International provides the payment rails to access Discover Global Network outside of North America so agreements and operating regulations in these regions are with Diners Club International.

  6. What is involved in accepting diners club international?

    Prospective Participants first sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement  with Diners Club International. Program and technical information is shared, due diligence is completed and an Agreement is negotiated and executed. Participants then work with Diners Club International Operation resources to obtain network connectivity, complete certification and implement their program.

  7. Who is responsible for regulating the transactions?

    Diners Club International Operation Regulations govern the transactions.

  8. Will your merchant gain incremental volume by accepting cards on the discover global network?

    Merchants have the ability to gain incremental revenue from more affluent, high-spending cardholders, making them especially attractive consumers for travel, dining, entertainment and retail merchants. These Cardholders enjoy rich rewards and benefits like no F/X fees, airport lounge access and cash back so they seek out merchants that accept their preferred card. Merchants can also gain more regular customers because Cardholders are three times more likely to make a repeat visit to merchants that accept.²

  9. does a merchant have to accept all card brands running on the discover global network?

    Yes, a Merchant must accept all card brands running on the Discover Global Network. This provides your Merchant the opportunity to accept transactions from millions of affluent high-spending cardholders from around the globe.

  10. What needs to print on the receipt? Does it vary by card type?

    “Diners Club” or “Diners Club & Discover” should be printed on the receipt. It does not vary by card type.

  11. What bin ranges are supported by diners club international?

    BIN ranges are published monthly in a document titled “DCI Cycle Range Register”. Participants can download this document from InfoNet under Core Applications/Data Tables at www.dinersclubinfonet.com. All BIN ranges must be supported by participants.

  12. What transactions can my merchant process?

    Merchants can process all IIN ranges published in technical specifications by Discover Global Network, including Discover Card, DCI, and Network Alliance Partners.

  13. What signage is displayed to show acceptance of cards on the discover global network?

    Signage for Discover Global Network is represented by both Diners Club International and Discover acceptance marks. Merchants displaying signage can gain sales because 66% of our Cardholders look for these marks before selecting a merchant².


  14. what signage is available?

    You will have access to commplimentary multi-branded signage decals featuring the Diners Club International and Discover acceptance mark at www.discoverglobalsignage.com. (Translation is available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek and Spanish.)

  15. Why is diners club and discover signage important?

    75% of Cardholders look for signage before presenting their card for payment¹. All Cardholders regardless of the card brand carried are trained to look for the Diners Club International and Discover acceptance marks, which are displayed on the bank of every card running on the Discover Global Network. When merchant’s signage does not include them, Cardholders often choose to spend less or go elsewhere.

  16. what information is contained on the magnetic strip?

    The magnetic strip contains the consumer account number, Cardholders full name, expiration date, and the validation codes for all card purchases.

  17. is a signature required on all transactions?

    Yes, all card present swiped transactions require a signature.

  18. are there certification requirements for merchants? How ill they be communicated to the merchants?

    Certification requirements for merchants will be completed and/or provided by the Acquirer/Processor.

  19. Where can participants find technical specifications for authorization, interchange and other applications? How often are these documents updated?

    Participants can access all technical specifications and other program documents via InfoNet at www.dinersclubinfonet.com. Please refer to the Operation section and reference the current release. Updated documents are released biannually, in April and October, with notice to Participants in DCI’s Monthly Operations Bulletins.

1. Retail Banking and Research, August 2014

2. TNS-Global Merchant card acceptance 2014